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"Building a new business into a success takes time, effort, and dedication.  Those words, by themselves, don’t begin do justice to the level of hardship that nearly all successful entrepreneurs must endure along the way.  There are setbacks, people do say “no”, and you run into a lot of roadblocks along the way, all of which can leave you frustrated.  But what you definitely don’t want to ever do is to vent those frustrations onto your peers or onto those people who could end up being business allies and partners some day. "


  • Posted by Scott Wainner

One key factor you must always keep in the front of your business mind: Never burn bridges!  Even though you may hate what you are currently doing for a living and this is driving you to becoming a Free Agent or you were laid off; bite your tongue!  These relationships can form the foundation of your business in the future.  The people you have worked with will often be the leads you need to develop future business.


I have personally maintained contact with some folks I worked with over 50 years ago! Some have passed but many are still alive active and well.  They can STILL lead to good business and friendship links.  An old (very old) friend of mine just let me know he and his wife are moving over here to Florida (from Houston) so, after some 50 years we may be able to hang out a bit again and catch up!


As you initially step into Free Agency, your previous employer is often your very first client!  If you are a casualty of a round of layoffs with your company and you have done a great job, don't be afraid to approach your previous boss or other executive and offer your services on a 'Free Agent' basis.  You may be surprised how they will respond.  Remember layoffs and hiring freezes are a way to cut costs; the work still needs to be done.  Having your skills available on an 'as needed' contractual basis may be just the ticket to help launch your Free Agency and to continue to help your former employer!


Maintaining your contacts at your previous companies are also a great way to cultivate your network.  Just like you, others will find new opportunities with other companies.  Make sure they remember you in a positive light and will think of you and your particular skill sets when they or their company needs help.


Later we will discuss how you may even approach your current employer to help you transition into Free Agency.

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