All human situations have their inconveniences. We feel those of the present but neither see nor feel those of the future; and hence we often make troublesome changes without amendment, and frequently for the worse.


  • Benjamin Franklin
  • US author, diplomat, inventor, physicist, politician, & printer (1706 - 1790)

As with any project or endeavor, getting started is often the hardest hurdle!  We will try to present the 'real world' impact of moving towards the Free Agent lifestyle.  Please don't be scared off by our honesty, you need to know what this will mean to you now and in the future.  We will try to help you so that this change makes a positive impact on your life and not present 'troublesome changes...... for the worse'.


Whether you are a 'First Timer' or an experience free lance worker, becoming a true Free Agent is a big step.  You see, Free Agency is a committed business arrangement and lifestyle.  It is a high risk and high reward opportunity for you to become totally responsible for your lifestyle and business relationships.  It will bleed over into your social and personal lives.  It is more than just becoming your 'own boss', it is a full commitment to a business opportunity that will totally transform your life. 


The freedom and responsibilities involved in becoming totally responsible for yourself and family is somewhat a daunting concept that should not be entered into without much thought and consideration.  You probably will never work as hard in your life, but you will also never have the feeling of accomplishment that comes with becoming a Free Agent as long as you are an employee for a company.


  • You will never get rich working for someone else..... Wade Buff
  • Vice President, Internal Audit , The Limited Inc.


As you proceed through this site, whether you become a Free Agent or not, we hope to confer a level of understanding of what Free Agency is and how beneficial it is to both the individual Free Agent AND the companies who retain Free Agents!


If you are a free lance worker or a consultant for one of the 'Consulting Firms' who seem to be everywhere, we hope to show you the path to Free Agency is worth the time and effort.  The freedom and control over your life will more than compensate for the discomfort and insecurity with which Free Agency sometimes burdens you.


In many cases we will use the term Free Agent in conjunction with Small Business.  While we are focusing on the individual getting started and growing as a Free Agent, the world is full of Small Business people who are in fact Free Agents; not part of a mega-corporation, but just your neighbors doing business as usual.  Talk to them, ask for advice, they will be your 'joint venture' partners and maybe even future clients!


Now if you are still with me, lets try the next step.  Let us jump in and determine the type of 'organization' you will become.... Getting Organized=>>