Many people really want some independent living, a bit of additional income or just a fallback in case the economy goes to hell and you loose your job.  Others really want to be truly independent and chart their own course.  It is an individual decision and the motivation varies from person to person; even family to family.


Yes, you can start a family business to help kids earn extra money for their first car, college tuition or just money for Spring Break.  Earn that extra income to pay for the next family vacation or that trip around the world when you become 'empty nesters'.  The variations are endless!


The information on this site will help you decide how to structure and manage your business.

BUT - Where To Begin

I suggest you consider starting small.  Low risk and low entry costs can be found in several business enterprises.  You can start a business from a hobby you love, or you can get involved with a mature MLM - Multi Level Marketing company that has the infrastructure all formed, materials for you to use and assistance to help you grow your business.  You CAN make a lot of money, but remember, there is no 'get rich quick' scheme that is legal and works!

You have to Work It to Make it Work!


There are literally hundreds of MLM's to choose from.  I suggest you start with something you USE yourself.  Selling something you don't use or believe in will never, ever work for you.  Beware of some of the hype many of these companies give you.  There is NO get rich scheme but you can make a nice side income; and there really are some who make a LOT of money.  It is up to you and how much effort, drive and motivation you have.


Making it a family enterprise can be both fun and profitable.  Teaching your kids what a business is like can be rewarding and profitable.  Now I don't mean having your 10 year old going door to door, no but if you have kids in High School and College, there is a real opportunity to really start a family business that can be around for a long time; generating that extra bit and teaching what Profit/Loss and Running a Business is really like.

Many New Business Ventures Fail


Yes, it's true.  Most first time business ventures do fail.  Mostly because there wasn't the commitment or foundation planning completed.  People get all hyped up about some MLM, join and then fail to keep on keeping on.  It takes WORK and many who have 'real jobs' tire of the demands of the extra work.  That's ok, it can still be a learning experience.

Pick a Business that you can Enjoy & Benefit From


If you decide to pick an MLM, pick one that you know something about. If you like using essential oils, then there are business enterprises that will welcome you.  Take supplements or vitamins?  There are many of those types of businesses that you can choose from.  How about cosmetics, cleaning products and household items, yep, there also there are companies that sell those.  But which one?  Try some of the products before you decide to sell them!  Then decide if you would recommend them to your family and friends; if so, jump in and go for it!




I won't lie to you, we are in some of these businesses, use the products and believe they offer the best return on your time and money invested.  We have been involved for years with them and the products are solid, reliable and healthy.  As health and wellness consultants ourselves, we use and recommend products and their organization. 


Once you check out the web site, products and offerings, you can decide if this is something YOU think you can get behind and sell.  It has worked for us and you can build your business and grow, just as we have.  We are inviting you to join us and make a bit of extra cash along the way.  We picked these products and lines of business for the low entry costs and the benefits.  Excellent products are easy to sell.


You will notice that these links will either direct you to one of our sites, which in turn direct you to the company site, or directly to the company site.  It is that easy to begin to sell a product.  These companies offer you a web site to sell products and have others join you.  We use a combined approach of our own web sites that in turn drive business, sales and associates to the corporate sites.  Both work!


Let us help get you started. 


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