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Do YOU have your own Personal Web Site and Email Domain?




You can set register and set up a simple web site with basic information very easily.  You can have US do it for you, pretty inexpensively!  I've never understood why individuals who try to have their own business use generic email servers like Yahoo and Google. Sure they are free but they imply that you either don't know how or can't afford your own domain services: Email, Web Page, etc.


Your domain address doesn't have to be complex; it can be a simple one page overview of who you are.  You don't have to disclose personal information unless you choose to do so.  There are numerous services that can let you 'Do It Yourself' or you can have US help you and register your domain, set up a simple web site and as many email addresses you wish; ALL for a low annual maintenance fee and modest initial set-up charge!


Small Business


Let's face it, if you have a small business, people will naturally expect you to have a web site and email address.  Nothing turns people off more than trying to email you to a .yahoo or .gmail address.  They think you are an amature.  You may well be an amature but why broadcast it.  Appearance is 60% of the battle in marketing yourself and your business.


Get a basic domain NOW and have your business cards display your OWN Personal Web Domain.  Everyone goes to the Net for just about everything.  Meet someone at a gathering, you NEED a personal/business card to hand out.  It just makes it easier for someone to find you later.  Having your basic contact information on your OWN web site is key to making that great first impression that may well lead to future business!


Job Seekers


If you are a job seeker, you NEED to have a basic web site with your credentials, experience and talents easily lactated on the Net.  Emailing resumes often get lost, but having your curriculum vitae (CV) or resume published on your OWN personal web site, can make the difference between YOU getting the job and someone else. 


No one wants or reads paper resumes.  Bots or automatic readers filter submitted resumes for key words and experience.  Set up your web site so search engines, recruiters and others can FIND you easily. 


Get a personal business card (we can design and help you get a great quality card!) to hand to prospective employers on the initial contact, with your 'elevator speech' or first interview.  It DOES make a difference.  Having your OWN domain and personal email address also makes a great impression.




If you are a Student, start establishing your Internet FootPrint beyond FaceBook.  FaceBook and other social media sites are just that, SOCIAL.  Eventually you will be looking for work and a position with a company.  Having your resume and accomplishments on your own personal site makes it easier for companies to find and research you.  Publish your credentials and resume for easy referral access.  Add it to your personal business cards (we can help with this too!) showing your OWN domain email and your cell phone number!


EVERYTHING is now Net based or soon will be.  Paper is so out of date, no one bothers with paper!  It is cumbersome and difficult to manage.  You probably email your resume now, why not just send an URL pointing to YOUR Domain.  It shows initiative and professionalism.


Invest in YOURSELF now and get started with a personal or even family web site with your own personal domain!  It is MUCH more impressive when you provide your personal email address with YOURDOMAIN.COM (or .Info, etc.) that  Make a statement that you ARE on the NET!


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