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You would think that by now, civilization would have progressed beyond the garb of the 18th century. Many of us have discarded suites/ties, except for funerals, long ago. Those of you who own your own business can set your own dress code. Being comfortable is not lazy, it is vitalizing and enriching to your mind and less constrictive to your thinking. Work for a tight-assed company/boss in a suite? Start your OWN business and use your skills to profit for YOU. An old mentor once told me that you can never get wealthy working for someone else! SO TRUE! Consider becoming a Free Agent!





Many companies will soon come to a new realization that things have changed.  Many if not most individuals in the USA have become totally disillusioned with corporate America and many of its institutions.  Trust is mostly gone.  While there is continued loyalty to the Small Business sector (as it should be) major and mega-corporations will soon realize that people won't be bamboozled any longer.  The false security of a W2 position is becoming apparent with all the layoffs.  Many of these folks, especially in the professional services ranks, will turn to Free Agency as they have nothing else to turn to.  Those companies who are smart will capitalize on this trend and drop the outsourcing and begin to in-source more and more.  This should provide new opportunities for the Free Agent and small business service sector.


Skip Stein, HJS Enterprises


Our Mission:

To provide organizational structure and support for the existing and the new Free Agent in today's economy.


What We Do


Becoming a Free Agent or consultant, is often adopted as a way to pay the bills just as often as it is from a burning desire to run your own business.  No matter what the reason for your entry into this business lifestyle, and it IS a lifestyle, we can help you become successful. 


In order to really do this right, you should actually BECOME a business.  This means setting yourself up as a Sole Proprietor, Sub-Chapter S (Sub-S) Corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC).  These provide numerous benefits and isn't as complicated as it first may seem.  We discuss the benefits, costs and how-to in later sections of this site.


One of the biggest issues with Free Agents is keeping organized.  Doing resumes, proposals, time reporting, formal invoicing and expense reporting is often too long neglected.  Accounting for all of this and keeping the tax liabilities straight may all seem like daunting tasks; but they aren't all that bad.

Easy for us to say this, but it is true.  We do it! 


The key is getting and STAYING organized.  We will offer tested suggestions on how to do this and how we can help you in other sections of this site.  The following links are shortcuts to following sections, but each section will lead you to the next.