Free Agent Services
So You Want to Be Independent?

"Every successful executive must walk the path of competition for himself, on a personal level, and for his company on an organization level." 


- Donald G. Krause, The Book of Five Rings for Executives

You have done your research, now it is time to make a decision on the type of Free Agent you will become.  Each individual and situation is different.  We personally believe that the Sub-S corporation is the way to go; but this is YOUR FIRST BUSINESS decision.  It is important to be comfortable with what you decide.  If you have questions or concerns that were not answered during your 'Homework' period, please consult a local attorney familiar with small business.  To find one, ask a friend or local Small Business owner.  Explain what you are doing and ask for help and advice. If you can't find an attorney, Legal Spring has a directory: to help you.


Now, we may have seemed a bit negative through these few sections, but it is for a reason.  This is a life changing decision.  We believe this decision to become a Free Agent or Small Business is the foundation of the United States of America and its way of life.


You need to believe in yourself; others will come around.  Oh yea, there will be skeptics.  Those who are mostly afraid to take this step to independence and possibly wealth.  It is worth it.


One Last Item - Love What YOU DO


Becoming a SUCCESSFUL Free Agent depends on selecting something you love to do and have a passion for.  For many it is a Hobby as well as a Profession!  If you love computers, you may start a computer services business, if you love scrap books, you may open a crafting/scrap-booking shop.  There are no end to what you may decide to create with your new business.  Once you become successful and skilled at Free Agency, you may start another and another business.  It gets addictive and is a thrill to CREATE something that will also pay the bills and make you money; maybe a LOT of money.


It all depends on YOU.  We will endeavor to help you with the organizational and business administration functions you will need as a Sole Proprietor, LLC, or Sub-S corporation!


So, what did you decide?  It really doesn't matter you know.  The fact is that you DID decide to become a Free Agent.  The legal formulations, while necessary, are just the precursor to pursuing your life as a Free Agent!

Now, on to business.  We will offer suggestions and recommendations on how to get the business going, how to structure and organize yourself and your office.  We will suggest and help you choose the tools you will need to run your business and in many cases offer services to aid you so you can FOCUS on the BUSINESS of making money!


Remember your past will be the foundation for your future.  Build on your experience, don't burn bridges!=>>